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Our Story

Welcome Pawsome FurFriends!


It's a match made in pet paradise! Tasty treats that'll have your furry friends begging for more!

For over a decade, this family-owned business has been crafting delectable treats that your furry friends can't resist! With the use of only the finest all-natural organic ingredients, these holistic snacks are not only nutritious but also irresistibly delicious. Additionally, every treat undergoes taste-testing by expert furry connoisseurs to ensure maximum flavor!


FurBaby Cookie Co is committed to quality and small-batch production, ensuring that each treat is a delightful experience for your pet. Whether it's a reward for good behavior or just because, your FurBaby will relish every bite of these Aussie-made goodies. So, give them a try today and witness your pet's joy soar to new heights!


At FurBaby Cookie Co, we understand that pets are more than just animals, they are family. That is why we take pride in using only the best ingredients to create treats that are not only healthy but also delicious. Our treats are free from any additives or preservatives, ensuring that your pet is getting only the best.


We believe that every pet deserves a treat, which is why we are expand our range of options for dogs of all sizes and dietary needs. From crunchy biscuits to soft chews, we will have it all. And with our commitment to small-batch production, you can be assured that every treat is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Our passion for pets is what drives us, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality treats possible. So, whether you have a new puppy or an old friend, let FurBaby Cookie Co be a part of your pet's life and see the joy that our treats can bring!

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-Left -

Bessie is our oldest baby. She is 13year old English staffy. She is my baby girl. I could talk for hours about her and her life's journey.  For those who know this precious sole, know she is my ride or die girl. She is connect to my paths journey and my soul. She has also taught me ALOT of life strengths and courage. Her heart is full of love to give. She is a old soul and has been here before that's for sure.

Meet Our Fur Children


-Top Right -

Simba my boy, No surprise he is named after Simba from the lion king... shhh mummy is a 30yr old women obsessed still. He is our 10year old English staffy. He is such a gentle soul. He has been here before. His not your typical love of toys dog. I guess you can call Simba my therapy dog. He just loves being around company. He has anxiety and hates storms. But we always have measures in place to support him. Simba knows when someone needs that extra love and kisses. 


-Bottom Right -

That's right named after the famous Chopper Read... Yes the husband is a fan (lol). But I tell you what he lives up to the name. He thinks his tough but really he is just a softy. Hazel eyed soft boy. He soaks up all the attention from fellow friends. Loves his zoomies. Keeping our bessie girl on her feet. He is our beautiful little crazy man that brings the vibes of happiness just that little higher. 

Our Babies
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Forever In Our Hearts

We want to acknowledge our past fur children that have helped shaped our business to what it has become! Without our fur babies with us every step of the way, I don't think I would ever of found a serious passion and desire to make holistic treats. ​​We forever miss our dear Tyson and Unit.​

We lost Tyson over 9 years ago, He was my first ever Staffy. If anyone understands this, I'll leave the rest up to you. But he was my protector and best friend. Former in our hearts big boy. We love you. 19/12/2012​ 


We lost Unit this year (2023). We rescued her from a family that could not take her with them. Needless to say I had no idea we adopted her. My husband. said I got you something and out 'unit' like this, so I throught clothes from city beach.. you know yes like I need more clothes.... well wasn't I wrong. She come galaping around the backyard and I said darl that's not a dog that a horse. Her nickname stayed "Big Horse" She lived till she was 10 yrs old. for a Bull Mastiff is amazing! She decided to enter puppy heaven on the 18/02/2023.​ 


We still feel there presences around us. I wear them around my neck everyday. They have left paw prints on our hearts forever. We forever miss them and still have a cry in conversation. 

Rest in Paradise
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